Campaign Finance

In the constitution the first amendment clearly demonstrates that every person has  equal natural rights and opportunities to express their opinion in a variety of ways.  However, those rights are not being respected when it comes to campaign finance.  Freedom of speech is one of the most important facets of our democracy.  If a man is not allowed to express his own opinion publicly and be heard, then that is the worst form of tyranny.  Should you be able to donate an unlimited amount to a campaign or should it be limited?  Some would argue that certain presidents won their respective elections because of the amount of financial contributions from large corporations and/or billionaires.  “The notion that the candidate can’t be corrupted by a million dollar contribution that they know about to a super PAC that’s advocating solely on their behalf – it just doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.” – Ellen W. Eintraub.

 While most seem to directly blame the politicians for this flaw in our electoral portion of the executive branch, they are not the ones to be blamed.  Also, large businesses and wealthy individuals are scrutinized for their role in corruption in our political realm.

But neither of these parties are to blame as they are not breaking any rules or regulations.  Instead of pointing a metaphorical finger at a “crooked” politician or person of wealth, we the people, need to push for reform in our political system in the way that it is funded.  “We have folks that are essentially using million-dollar megaphones to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens.” – Adam Lioz.  The United States of America is suppose to be a place where every man can voice his opinion and be heard regardless of his wealth or lack of wealth.  With the absence of a noble and wholesome  list of regulations, the country can quickly and quietly become an oligarchy run by one percent.  If something does not change in the near future, it can severely damage people’s view on the leaders that represent them.  Fair and free elections without the overwhelming inhabitants of capital influencing the results of our polls are mandatory in order to ensure a successful future for America.


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