First Amendment

Freedom of speech can be expressed in many different ways. It can be expressed through posters, words, and even clothing. On October 29, 2016, the University of Wisconsin stadium did not agree with the clothing that a fan was wearing. During a Saturday football game at Camp Randall, a fan showed up in an Obama costume with a noose tied around its neck. The school released a statement calling the costume racist and “repugnant” and saying that it “was an exercise of the individual’s right to free speech.” Looking at the First Amendment, only at freedom of speech, the fan that wore this costume is completely fine and he did nothing wrong. Freedom of speech implies that the government must respect citizens’ rights to express themselves. According to the First Amendment, this fan was doing nothing wrong and they have the right to be in the stadium without anyone trying to kick them out.

Many components can also tie into this article as well. Just because the freedom of speech implies that it is alright for him to wear that costume, the First Amendment’s Limits of Speech has another thing to say about it. Under the Limits of Speech, there is a rule about obscenity. Obscenity is an extremely offensive word or expression. The Limits of Speech comes in handy in situations like this. The First Amendment explains that the fan does have the freedom to express himself, but on the other hand, the Limits of Speech can come into play and say that the costume is too offensive and racist for the fan to be wearing in public. So, before you go out to express yourself in whichever way you want too, just remember the First Amendment as well as the First Amendment- Limit of Speech.


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