Net Neutrality: Infringement of rights?

Should the internet be free to be regulated by the companies that control it? Would it better for our government to regulate it like any means for transportation. If you would ask companies such as Verizon or even AT&T they would tell you no, as it would be a violation of their company’s right to the first amendments. But is it really a violation of their rights or would less regulation lead to them violating others rights.


Now some of those against such things as network neutrality will tell you things like it will force people who create websites to not be able to delete or remove any information from their websites which they claim is compelled speech and a violation of the first amendment, however! It has never been decided whether or not compelled speech can be considered a violation or not.  Now on the side of those who support such as the Bishop of Tucson who stated back in 2006 in response to net neutrality, “Unless there are in place protections against Internet access providers’ control over content, noncommercial religious speech on the Internet is threatened.”

Even companies such as Ebay and Google are even for net neutrality who have even pointed out the fact, “Without specific language to preserve neutrality, broadband service providers can charge those who run Web sites for preferred delivery of digital content” and “At the heart of the net-neutrality battle is money.” and if that is not even enough to prove that this is not a battle over companies right to freedom of speech but a battle over revenue even Ebay’s own deputy general counsel has even stated, “ the Internet in China, which doesn’t have net-neutrality laws, discriminates against non-Chinese content” and “warned that Internet users could be deprived of access to information if regulations are not enacted.” So this is not a battle over whether or not companies simply transporting information have a right to protection under freedom of speech but rather a battle over companies wanting to remove regulations as to establish a wireless monopoly.


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