Should books be banned?

The topic is that should books be allowed to be banned from being reading in classes or in the school library.  Some example of books that are banned in the united states schools are Moby-Dick, The Jungle, Howl, Catch-22, And Fahrenheit(From Here). Some of the reasons for banning the books according to this site, is “Racial Themes, Alternative lifestyles, Profanity, Sex, Violence, Negativity, Witchcraft, Unpopular Religious Views, Unpopular Political Views, and Any Theme Judged Unsuitable For A Particular Age Group”.  Some of the reasons that people say that they shouldn’t be banned according to the same site is, “You May Not Like Something, But That’s No Reason To Take It Away From Everyone”. Another reason is that “Protecting” Children from the different realities of the world is an exercise in futility-and privilege”. Another is that “Books are among our best teacher”. They also say that “many of the most frequently banned books are-or go on to become-celebrated classics and that is isn’t a coincidence”. There final point is that “books really can change the world”. Some says that they should be banned because it is free speech and you should be able to read it and if you can is the free speech right taken away then. On the other side they say that they should be banned from being read in class because they have sensitive information and the thing that they say is that they are being forced to be read.  But they can’t be banned from libraries because they aren’t being forced to read the reader choices to read them.Tags : Banned books, Classroom, Library, School,


One thought on “Should books be banned?”

  1. Should books be allowed to be banned from being read in classes? Well in this case, books like these; The Jungle, Howl, Catch-22, And Fahrenheit, should only be banned depending what grade level you reach. For example, when you’re in high school, you should be able to be mature enough to understand the racial themes, alternative lifestyles, profanity, sex, violence, negativity, and unpopular religious or political views that happen within the story. What i do agree with is that the libraries aren’t able to ban or get rid of the books, because like it said, librarians doesn’t force you to read these topics, they’re just out there and for you to make a decision whether you want to read this or not. So in this case, books should not be banned in high schools or colleges around the world.


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