Facebook Bombs?

Social media recently has taken over the internet. Everything from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are regular staples of many people’s life. Facebook recently has begun monitoring and removing accounts of suspected terrorists. Is this okay or is this infringing on the first amendment? Facebook has been doing this quietly lately to try and keep the public out of it. They have taken down countless numbers of Facebook accounts related to terrorism and other radical ideas. One of which that was recent was Tashfeen Malik who killed 14 people in a mass shooting. However many people think that taking down these accounts is a violation of the first amendment. By taking away their way of communicating on this platform people think this infringes that.

For example the companies Google, Facebook and Twitter openly said that they were worried. This is because of their cooperation with U.S. government. Also there are some advocating for rights against people getting banned like this. They think that being on social media does not make a difference no matter what their ideas are. Also terrorists are finding many easy workarounds for the algorithms and code that these companies have put in place to try and counter the terrorism.

Facebook recently though has come up with a solution for all this fuss though. They have decided to just change their terms of service on the website to disallow for the activity. This makes it easy for them because there is no paperwork or court orders that can be made against them and no worries on their end that can be made.


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