Is hate speech okay?

Before we got into this hate speech thing we got here first we need to know what it is and that is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits.Is hate speech protected by the first amendment or does it not play a role in the first amendment and is something completely different. The question that seems to be buzzing all around media is “Is hate speech protected or is it not?” The answer is no it’s not protected by the 1st Amendment. How do you feel about that? Do you think that hate speech is actually even a thing? Can someone’s own personal opinions and thoughts just automatically be considered hate and not what they actually believe in? Technically speaking here it’s our right under the first amendment to accuse someone or think out loudly discussing the fact that someone is a hater or is full of hate based on their opinion that frown upon others, or which others may seem to be unlawful or unjustified. However, some pros of hate speech is that Universities have a right and duty to provide an educational environment, a climate of civility, where all students can learn and live free from bigotry, and Faculty and staff, as well as students, should be prohibited from violating the rights of other members of the University community. On the other hands the cons of hate speech can be Any regulation of speech thwarts the truth-seeking process, inhibits the sharing of knowledge and encroaches on academic freedom, and Restrictions on hate speech represent a step down the slippery slope toward censorship and, ultimately, totalitarianism.Those are a couple ideas on the two sides, and how people view the topic. Very touchy, can go either way which makes it tough on which one to side on. However the ultimate questions we’ve been dying to hear is how should hate speech be compared to the first amendment? I believe that hate speech is viewed and compared to the first amendment as a type of speech that is not protected and frowned upon by the natural eye. However, for the people that seek more into this topic can see the pros of the concept and will have some exceptions for it.


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