Net Neutrality – What’s the issue?

Net neutrality is a problem in America that goes mostly unnoticed to the majority of the population. However, it’s a larger issue than most might think. Net neutrality is the concept of making the internet equal to everybody, meaning equal internet speeds and search engines not being biased. This means that no company is able to push a site to be faster than a competing site and search engines would only be filtered based on time posted, popularity, etc. The FCC has been trying to make net neutrality a reality for many years now but has always been overturned. Lots of people believe that this is the answer to all of the internet’s problems, but it can also raise new issues for many other people who use the internet.

Since the internet is something that all of its users pay for in taxes, many think it should be equal for everybody instead of companies pushing their ideas and opinions onto other people. Making the internet equal for all would eliminate the bias search engines have towards certain companies. Why do Fox News, CNN, and NBC seemingly always come across our webpages before any other news source? These news sources are able to use their status and their funding to push their articles, videos, and opinions to virtually anybody in the world. According to Al Franken from CNN, it’s nearly impossible for an individual producer to get their own ideas and program out there unless a more powerful company owns at least a portion of it. For example, Fox News has the power to push another news source to the front, gaining popularity. However, if Fox News doesn’t like something this individual producer has to say, they also have the power to shove it into the dirt. This arguably inflicts on the individual producer’s first amendment right, freedom of expression, because Fox News would theoretically have the power to silence the individual producer. This is something that many people for the implementation of net neutrality are worried about. Equal for opportunity for everybody isn’t always a bad thing! However, as for everything, there are major drawbacks that come with completely equal internet…

The internet is full of creativity, innovation, and diversity. Many people believe that equalizing the internet would block those from being noticed by other people. According for Forbes, net neutrality would “stifle innovation by blocking companies from turning new ideas into successful products”, which is absolutely true. We seem to forget that some people make a living off the internet, and in order for them to support themselves, they should be rewarded for their hard work. If I made a new invention that would work for the majority of Americans, I would want to be able to use any funding I had to push my ideas out to other people to try to make a profit, instead of it being buried under loads of scam sites. This is how lots of companies feel; they don’t want their creativity to be blocked just because some people want a fair playing ground. A one size fits all way of internet is not a way to use the internet at all. The world is never fair game for everybody, and internet service providers and other companies want it to stay that way for the internet too so they can make profit, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. We all need to live, but there are always ways people can work around this while still making a profit.

In my opinion, I think the internet should be equal to everybody. Equal internet means that you’ll be able to see and experience everything the internet has to offer, and bigger companies don’t have the power to silence other companies that aren’t as well off. Net neutrality would give us more choices as to what we see and read on the internet. The internet is full of diversity and it should not be blocked by a few big companies that have made it big.

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