the confederate.

Should the confederate flag be allowed at public schools? In my opinion as long if they are displaying the confederate flag as a none racial message then I strongly agree that they have the right to display the confederate flag. As some latinos display the Mexico flag in the United states in some schools or workplaces. I strongly agree not only that the confederate flag should be displayed on some areas, as long if it’s okay with the people in that area then yes everyone should have the right display their own flag or there own symbol. It would only seem fair to let every flag be allowed to displayed instead of just having some flags in some areas. For example, some schools only allow the United States flags or no flags to waved at all and I strongly believe that everyone should have the right to wave what ever flag they feel like waving. It only seems fair to let people wave their flags instead of forcing them to no wave their flag at all and to force to allow the United States flag be waved. Also another factor that should come into play is as long as no one is distracted from their school education then of course I support it but if it gets to a point where it influences school work and distracts people from their class then In my opinion it should be put to a stop. For example, im sure there will be fights over the confederate flag because allot of the people view the confederate flag as offensive and racist which I totally understand but at the other hand some people do not display the confederate flag for that point. In all honesty it can’t be judged under fraser. Yes it would bring out fights of some sorts but at that point it would only seem fair to not allow a flag to be waved at all. In conclusion I strongly agree that the Confederate flag should be allowed to be waved but as long if its not disrupting anyone’s school work. If riots or fights break out then at that point there should be a no flag tolerance.


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