Twitter just went on an alt-right banning spree. Why now?

Topic: Twitter on an alt-right banning spree

Essential Question: Is Twitter violating the first amendment?

Twitter is a private company that allows users around to world to participate in its social media services. When people make accounts they have no privacy everything they say and do on that account is related to them if verified or to an ip address if not. So a bot can be made to run an account or any person around to world can make accounts and say whatever they would like. Twitter on the other hand has the ability, being their service, to take anything said down even disallow the president of the United States from using twitter. This in turn can be bad for twitter for they might lose customers or make a bad reputation for themselves. If twitter wants to allow free speech then they would allow anything to be posted and that would portray that to the users. If they only wanted what they wanted to be posted to be posted they would not be allowing free speech and may be accused of manipulating the people. As for the question if twitter is violating the first amendment I would have to say it’s a grey area because people are allowed the freedom of the press and speech but it is twitter’s service they are using and if twitter wants to do something with that they should be able to without laws saying they can’t.
Tags: First Amendment, Donald, Twitter, Banning alt-right, Free speech.


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