Freedom of Symbolism

Should burning the American flag be considered symbolic speech, and should it be protected by the first amendment? Well after taking a deeper and careful look at online documents and reevaluating the first amendment, Iv’e came to the conclusion that yes it very much so should be called symbolic speech and it should be protected. There are many reasons backing that statement simply because “freedom of speech” was written into the constitution by our forefathers and therefore should be protected just like the rest of it. When it comes to symbolic speech there’s a sense of can and cannot’s deemed acceptable by the American people. These “do’s and don’ts” really shouldn’t have a place. Simply because when it come to a situation like flag burning the American people should keep in mind that it is protected. No matter how you look at it and try to demonize the act it’s protected by our constitution and rightfully so. If we as a people deem it necessary to ban one act that is clearly  protected by our constitution then what is the point of having such a thing in place? A bunch of guys sat in a room and signed off on a large sheet of paper that would set the course of America so if one thing on that paper is wrong the whole thing is too.



One thought on “Freedom of Symbolism”

  1. In modern society, communication is so much more than the written or spoken word (think video, music, the internet, clothing choice, etc.). Does this make it more difficult to draw the line? What symbolism is okay and what is inflammatory (no pun intended)?


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