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Essential Question: Does freedom of speech protect your rights to intimidate me?

You can’t do that

Does freedom of speech protect your rights to intimidate me, all the people inside the world has a right to say whatever ever they want but only in the united states, the confederate flag is something that many black men or women would be pissed about it. But many people it’s mainly down south because that were racism normally came from back in the day and  the redneck I would say would do it. Have something like the confederate flag they have there right to put up whatever they want, but those are fighting expressions on what they are doing and showing. They have that right to freely express themselves, but if it makes other people angry then there is going to be confrontation between the people who thinking they  are doing the right thing for themselves , but doesn’t know that they are hurting other people. In the article  https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/confederate-flag-furor  it showed that the they wanted to ban all confederate flags from the flagpoles of the administrations cemtries. But some others got really upset and still wanted it to be up there. And they didn’t care and still changed it.

People don’t agree that having confederate flags is bad they are thinking they are doing there own kind of work and showing there on beliefs and they dont think its bad at all.  Also another thing that we should change is the way they come about it like this article right here https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/article214551235.html and then go down to the end of the page and you can see that teens from Alambma cleaved county gets suspended because they are doing something outrages and uncaused for. Also another thing is that they can do all that because they have the first amendment right to do that and save them, but inside a school free and safe place for many kids you can’t express how you feel towards in color of people. The first amendment allows you to to express how you feel and what you feel just goes about how you do it towards another person or not or a group of people that’s why it’s outrageous for them to have the confederate flag because it causes so many issues. And finally how it happens is that a shooting happened in columbia confederate flag was taken down https://www.thestate.com/news/politics-government/article217783980.html from it and they took it down since it was causeing so many troubles.




Confederate Flag News Coverage

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Confederate flag coming back to the SC State House on Tuesday

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Confederate flags fly at Clemson. Here’s how students responded

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Should schools be allowed to punish students for wearing clothing containing the confederate flag?

In a world as divided as ours, people are forced to be careful of what they wear at all times. In recent news students are being harshly punished for wearing clothing with the confederate flag depicted on it. They are being suspended for simply wearing clothing supporting the rebel states, which was one of the sides of the civil war. By schools banning the confederate flag, they are nearly banning southern colonial heritage. For example a story of a black mother who started a hate-free schools coalition, after witnessing a confederate flag on the back of a students car, is now responsible for passing a dress code prohibition against anything containing the Confederate flag, swastikas or Ku Klux Klan logos. Although there is no way of telling whether the student is trying to start a disturbance or if they are simply supporting their heritage. Many believe barring the flag is an example of silent free speech which they believe should be protected under the 1st amendment So where is the line drawn in the sand for confederate attire on school property?

On the other hand there are on occasion students who wear the flag with intentions of causing discomfort in others or to even provoke a violent act from a pier/s. This is where it gets tricky because it is one thing if students are wearing this clothing in support of their heritage but another if they are wearing it to get an arise out of their piers. It is a very soft subject especially for those who believe the flag stands for slavery and are very against that subject from our past as Americans. There needs to be a way of depicting if the display of the flag is positive or negative and when and where to allow it.   

Censorship In Schools: The Confederate Flag

Since the beginning, education has been about exchanging ideas and understanding different views on events, even ones we don’t necessarily enjoy. Schools across the country are becoming more “politically correct”, as some would say, but is that really the right thing to do? Not only does this censorship inhibit the learning of students, but it may be infringing upon their 1st Amendment rights to free speech.

A prime example of this censorship is the banning of the Confederate Flag from schools, and any apparel that sports this symbol. While some people may see it as a sign of racial prejudice or hatred, its supporters have a different view of it entirely. Supporters of the Confederate Flag view it as a symbol of their heritage, and paying homage to those who fought in the Civil War. A timeless expression of family pride and an embrace of history. The main reason it has been banned is because districts argue that it distracts from the learning environment, but banning it might infringe upon the students 1st Amendment rights. People who don’t support the flag argue that the it is a symbol of “hate speech”, it is seen as a banner of white supremacy and racial discrimination, and understandably so. Banning it could protect these students from uncomfortable situations, or racism. However unless the Confederate Flag is used specifically to harm others is it that bad? What we should do is turn the flag into a topic of conversation, and learning. We should investigate what it means to each person, and bring forth our own views on it, such is the purpose of education. Controversy breeds thought, and we should share such thoughts with each other to spark a civil exchange of ideas, schools could benefit from students engaging in educated debates about controversial topics


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Confederate Flags Are Banned From Schools

Defenders of the Confederate flags demands that it symbolizes the heritage, not hate. Many other Americans see it as an emblem of white supremacy. Freedom of speech is one of the most important facets of our democracy, we as individuals wear these symbols to protest a school policy that prohibits them. So should students be allowed to wear Confederate symbols at school, or should the school limit the freedom of speech? A peaceful student who attended at a Virginia High School demonstrated his view with confederacy, which ended with school administrators suspending twenty three students for wearing clothing with the Confederate flag. According to school officials, other students, and parents, this violated the school’s dress code.

The other big issue is that Students are banned from wearing any clothing that could possibly reflect negatively on someone due to their race, which specifies that any clothing with Confederate symbols would fall into that category. Based on the school’s recent experiences with displays of the Confederate flag, it’s likely to disrupt schoolwork, by exacerbating racial hostilities leading to fights and similar disruptions. Speeches will lead to violent attacks on the speaker, unless an outright riot is looming. School administrators should be free to prevent substantial risks of material disruption whatever the disruptive mechanism might be.


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